Westin Hotels & Resorts Turn Bed Linen into Pyjamas for Kids in Need

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The global hotel chain plans to reimagine a good night’s sleep by donating pyjamas to children from low income households the world over. Anthea Ayache has more 

Westin Hotels & Resorts has announced the launch of Project Rise: ThreadForward, a sustainability program that plans to collect, processes and reweave hotel bed linen into pyjamas for children in need

The night clothes – to be distributed to children in low income households whose circumstances can cause poor sleep patterns – kicks off on April 16th in cities around the world from New York and Toronto, to Mexico City and Cape Town.

Research suggests that the simple act of putting on pyjamas as part of a bedtime routine is one way to improve a child’s quality of sleep and cement long-term sleeping habits.

‘Sleep continues to be the foundation of well-being,’ asserted Charles Morin, PhD, President of World Sleep Society. ‘But despite this, one third of all adults and a majority of children are not getting enough sleep. Research suggests that, particularly for children, creating and preserving bedtime routines lead to more restorative sleep, which in turn improves physical and emotional well-being.

As the global demand for well-being continues to grow and more people integrate wellness into their lifestyle, a new trend has emerged. Increasingly people consider giving back as an important part of their wellness routine, along with sleeping more, eating well and exercising.’

The hotel chain will consequently also encourage guests to support by purchasing a pair of pyjamas to benefit the program.

‘As people integrate wellness into their lifestyle more holistically on the road and at home, giving back has increasingly become important to their overall sense of well-being,’ said Brian Povinelli, SVP & Global Brand Leader, Westin Hotels & Resorts.

Designed in Westin’s signature colour palette, zest, mint and flax (grey), the pyjamas feature a whimsical illustration of a child rising over a moon with a book – a nod to a better sleep empowering a better day – and will be created in sizes 2-8.

The idea bore fruit thanks to a challenge last year entitled, Project Rise, whereby the company asked associates to submit ideas that would be selected and solution funded by the brand.

More than 325 associates from around the world submitted ideas; one of them encouraged the brand to repurpose discarded bed linens that often don’t get recycled.

Westin saw an opportunity to not only create an innovative industry-first upcycling program, but also empower sleep in an entirely new way.

Beginning April 16th, the children’s pyjamas will retail for USD $25.00 at Westinstore.com to support efforts to give every child the opportunity to Sleep Well.

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