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‘Horror Show’ of Imported Elephant Trophies Looks Set to Return to USA

2 mins

The United States will allow hunters to import certain big-game trophies such as elephant tusks from certain African countries with approvals granted on a case by case basis. Nick Ames has more 

The US is opening its doors to allowing elephant hunters to bring tusks and other animal parts into the country as trophies, despite President Donald Trump’s on-line condemnation of the practice as a ‘horror show’.

#StopSucking. No More Plastic Straws Say Dubai’s Freedom Pizza

4 mins
freedom pizza

Cutting out plastic straws and offering only biodegradable cutlery are some of the measures being rolled out by Dubai-based restaurant Freedom Pizza to reduce the amount of single use plastic going to landfill

Freedom Pizza, a popular take away service in the UAE, has announced plans to stop providing customers with plastic straws as part of a long term sustainability campaign.