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Saving the World’s Bees, One Urban Centre at a Time

6 mins

Could urban beekeeping be the answer to our global bee crisis? Sarah Freeman heads to the Polish capital of Warsaw to find out what all the buzz is about

Albert Einstein once prophetically remarked: ‘If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.’ The world’s most important, yet most threatened pollinator, isn’t faring well in the wake of climate change, an excessive use of pesticides, cell towers and loss of habitat across our planet.

Polar Bears: Soon To Be Just A Distant Memory?

4 mins

In the aftermath of the horrific starving polar bear video that went viral last year, experts are warning the situation for these artic bears is deteriorating. Unless serious action is taken, 66 per cent of polar bears will have disappeared in the next 30 years. Jeff Berardelli reports

Unbearable. That’s honestly how I felt the first, second, third and 10th time I watched this video.


Bad Sports: The Dog Meat Trade The Olympic Winter Games Host Is Trying To Hide

9 mins
dog, meat trade, Korea, Olympics

As the entire world focuses on Pyeonchang for this month’s 2018 Winter Olympics, Korea has a repulsive secret – the 2 million dogs bred to be eaten in restaurants that tourists visit. Nick Harding reports

Yelps and whimpers echo from metal cages. The dogs crammed inside are packed so tightly they cannot move. A man in a rubber apron shoves an electric cattle prod through the bars and zaps a terrified animal. From a filthy pen, a large dog is dragged with a choker, clubbed in the face with a truncheon, electrocuted, and stabbed in the neck. After agonising minutes, the animal, still alive, tries to get up. It is bludgeoned until it dies. The cruelty is unbearable.

Coral Bleaching and the Rise of Ocean Ghost Reefs

7 mins

As global warming heats up our oceans to unprecedented levels, scientists warn that all coral reefs will be under threat by 2050 unless collective action happens now. Florida TV weather and climate expert Jeff Berardelli has more

Humour me for a moment. You’re the buoyant and bright clownfish Nemo from the famous 2003 Walt Disney movie Finding Nemo returning from a day trip away from your home; a colourful, vibrant and bustling city under the sea. As you near your home city you realise something seems amiss. As you glide ever closer you’re startled to see the city is nothing like you left it. It’s dark, dreary and vacant of life. It’s a ghost town.

One Snatched Every Five Minutes: The Plight Of The Pangolin

6 mins

They look like reptiles, are almost blind and most people have never heard of them, but more pangolins have been killed in the last few years than elephants and rhinos combined. Sarah Freeman investigates the uncertain future of the world’s most illegally trafficked mammal

The chances are, you’ve never heard of a pangolin. Covered in brown plate-like scales, these termite-eating, elusive mammals walked the earth long before man – 80 million years to be precise.


Meeting The Green Reaper: How to Have an Eco Death

8 mins

Just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you can’t be green. Nick Harding looks at the most ethical send offs where you can become part of a conservation reserve or even help grow a tree

Death is, sadly, inevitable. Environmentalism is not. Some people can live in harmony with nature all their lives, but then undo all the good work when they depart, thanks to Western funeral rites that at worst are akin to toxic waste dumping.