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The Recipe For Romance: Natural Aphrodisiac Foods For A Veggie Valentine’s Day

5 mins
aphrodisiac, chillies, food, valentine's recipes

Put your passion on a plate this Valentine’s Day with these delicious recipes containing aphrodisiac ingredients guaranteed to spice up your love life

Forget a night out at a packed, noisy restaurant. The way to your loved one’s heart is with an intimate candle-lit meal created just for them. Add in plenty of delicious, healthy and fresh aphrodisiac ingredients that are renowned for being the food of love and this will be a Valentine’s date to remember.

Will You Join the Veganuary Movement This Month?

4 mins

‘Veganuary – a month-long challenge to avoid animal products – is 2018’s latest trend for those looking to bring in the New Year with a detox says Nick Ames

Supermarkets in the UK – the country with one of the world’s highest number of vegan citizens – are reporting an upsurge in purchases of meat and dairy-free foods as customers look to start a detox diet this ‘Veganuary’, a campaign, which is being promoted by an international charity of the same name

Vegan Or Vegetarian? You Could Still Be On A ‘Cruel Diet’

7 mins
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You may think you eat healthily and are happy being vegan or vegetarian knowing you are doing your bit to help animals and planet earth. But you could still be harming them by eating or drinking innocuous-looking that destroy habitats or entire species. Caroline Kent investigates the cruel ingredients lurking in our everyday food and drink

What you eat can change the world. You may order a healthy-sounding salad because you’re on a diet, or are happily vegan or vegetarian as you want to do your best for the future of our planet.

Fancy a Dumpster Dinner? Join Those Hungry to Stop Large Scale Food Waste

9 mins

Nick Harding went looking for free food in the bins, but found a global eco-movement hungry to stop large-scale food waste instead

It’s 9pm on a damp winter evening in the suburbs of London and I am standing in the drizzle in a loading bay behind a supermarket. It’s a large 24-hour outlet, so there is plenty of activity. My target lies inside a locked wooden enclosure. It is a dumpster. I approach nervously. A worker emerges from a side door and looks at me quizzically.