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Ethical Jewellery, From Blood Diamonds to Fair Trade Gold

5 mins

What should we as consumers be aware of if we are buying high end jewellery and want to ensure we make the ethical choice? Rae Ritchie advises

There are times when fact follows fiction.  In 2006, Leonardo Di Caprio starred in ‘Blood Diamond’, a film that told the story of the illicit diamond trade and its role in funding civil war in Sierra Leone.  Six years later, evidence that Charles Taylor’s staff gave the model Naomi Campbell a bag of gemstones was crucial in supporting the case made by UN prosecutors that the former Liberian leader had traded real life ‘blood diamonds’ to fund a civil war in the neighbouring country: Sierra Leone.

Top to Toe Vegan – How to Get the Cruelty Free Look!

4 mins

Forget hessian smocks and brown clogs. There are so many fantastic plant-based products – from sparkly trainers to super-shiny shampoo – that it’s hard not to shop vegan says Joanne O’Connell

The growing trend for cruelty free products – be that clothes, food or beauty – is great news for the increasing number of us opting for a kinder, more eco-conscious lifestyle.

We Love Her Clothes: Inside The Green Princess-To-Be Meghan Markle’s Ethical Wardrobe

5 mins
meghan, prince harry, engagment, eco fashion

The soon-to-be royal has thrown the spotlight on sustainable fashion by dressing from head-to-toe eco – and we all want a piece. By Karen Pasquali Jones

From the moment she posed with Prince Harry for her engagement photos in that £56,000 Ralph and Russo sheer dress, Meghan Markle knew her fashion sense would be under intense scrutiny the world over. And she’s made the most of that global attention with her ethical wardrobe choices as the Green Princess-to-be.

Top 5 Vegan Handbags And Why You Should Covet Them Too

5 mins

With leather fast losing it’s lustre due to associations with deforestation, animal cruelty and water pollution, Sophie Benson takes a look at the top five vegan handbags every conscious fashionista should covet this year

2017 was a groundbreaking year for veganism. A flurry of end-of-year reports from pizza chains, food manufacturers and even dating sites have shown that being vegan is more popular than ever before and the trend is set to do nothing but grow in 2018. Spurred on by documentaries such as Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives, incentivised by the promise of health benefits or prompted by curiosity, people are turning to veganism in droves.

RETOLD: The Pre-Loved Fashion House Opening in Dubai

4 mins

Good news for the style and earth conscious shoppers amongst us, a brand new 3,000 square foot retail space dedicated to pre-loved fashion is opening in Dubai this month. Catriona McBride finds out more

After the excess spending at Christmas, January is the month when we vow to tighten our belts, something that can be quite difficult for the shopaholics among us. But maybe we don’t have to stop shopping, we simply need to shop smarter, and one way of doing this is buying pre-loved fashion.


Buy Less, Love More. How To Buy Vintage Jewellery

4 mins

This coming new year purchasing habits are all about low impact consumerism, and what better way to shop for jewels than for those that  are old, rare and tradable. But how and what should we be buying? Rae Ritchie explores the world of vintage and antique jewellery

The world of antiques may once have been the preserve of dusty vases, dark furniture and silver that you weren’t supposed to clean for fear of destroying its value, but its image is changing.  Dealers are now reporting that affluent younger women are becoming customers in greater numbers – and they are particularly interested in antique and vintage jewellery.

Join The Festive Fash-Pack With These Eco Designer Outfits

4 mins

Yule love these Christmas party outfits handpicked for their ethical and style credentials so you’re ahead of the festive fashion pack. By Karen Pasquali Jones

Along with George Michael’s Last Christmas, the office party and mistletoe, there are some festive traditions we look forward to every year – and dressing up for the big day is almost as exciting as a visit from Santa.

The Truth Behind Silk: Cruel Luxury For People and the Planet

6 mins

Silk’s reputation as the most luxurious natural fibre contradicts major ethical concerns about its production.  According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, (PETA) a massive 6,600 silkworms are boiled alive just to create one kilogram of silk while the industry is plagued with rumours of child labour. Rae Ritchie has more

For thousands of years, a web of trade routes have criss-crossed land and sea around Asia, Europe and the Middle East.  Then, as now, the UAE and Persian Gulf were a lynchpin in the supply chain that we later labelled The Silk Road.