While You Were Sleeping: Get Perfect Post-Party Skin in Three Simple Steps

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Fatty foods, too many drinks and a lack of sleep over the festive season can take it’s toll on our skin. But by applying products at bedtime we can let them work their magic overnight. Rae Ritchie explains how to be a sleeping beauty 

Every year we try to squeeze seeing friends, work colleagues and family into a few short weeks or even days over the festive season. Come January all the late nights and over-indulgence take their toll and the hard work we have put into a beauty routine for 11 months of the year, has all but been reversed.

Before you lock the front door and declare a moratorium on your social life so no one sees that frightening post-party skin for the rest of the month, take the time to show it some TLC and restore it to its original glowing self.

The trick is to invest ten minutes in three skincare steps before going to bed however tempting it is to dive straight under the covers. These simple steps work with the body’s natural regeneration during sleep. In the night, cell production doubles, renewing our skin with fresh layers. At the same time, skin is warmer due to blood flow and this makes it more permeable to whatever you apply.

Applying products at night maximises the effects of whatever you’ve used, plus you get to wake up with the satisfying feeling of clean, plump and fresh skin. And  if you use any of the products mentioned here, you can be sure that you’re supporting ethical and artisanal brands: cruelty free, often vegetarian or vegan and with a founder’s philosophy that actively support people and planet.

The eye area

Whether its puffy lids or dark circles, the area around the eyes is the first place to give away that we’ve been burning the candle at both ends – so it’s the ideal place to start in treating post party skin!

Basic: As is the cornerstone of any skincare routine, take off your eye make-up.

Bonus: soothe the delicate skin around your eyes.

Stick a slice of cool cucumber or the back of a spoon that has been chilled in the freezer over each eyelid.  A step up from these classic beauty tricks is the Skinesis Lash Boosting Eye Cleanse by Sarah Chapman London (AED150).  As well as removing even waterproof mascara, this can be used as an eye soak, with ingredients such as aloe vera calming and refreshing the lids and sockets while amino acids condition and strengthen lashes.


Basic: Use a gentle massaging cleanser.

post party skinIt can be tempting to overload skin with an array of different products in the hope of minimising damage or, conversely, strip it in the hope of exposing new dewy layers beneath but avoid either extreme by using a gentle cleanser.

Choose one that requires massaging in for extra exfoliation and a moment of relaxation.  Try the peppermint Moor Cream Cleanser from Omorovicza (AED250), a Nobel prize winning Hungarian lab that draws on the country’s centuries old tradition of spas with the benefits of Budapest’s thermal waters.

Bonus: apply a mask suitable for regular use.

Face masks provide a deeper clean and help to expose fresh new skin, but many are for weekly or occasional use only.  One that can be used more often without doing harm is Aurelia Probiotic Skincare’s Refine and Polish Miracle Balm. You can simply massage in and rinse off or leave on for five minutes for some extra oomph from the chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot.


Basic: Double up with a serum as well as a moisturiser.

Why bother with a serum?  Like an espresso compared to a latte, a serum provides a more intense shot of ingredients that will give your skin an additional boost when you feel life is draining it.  Clean your teeth while allowing it to dry then stick your moisturiser on top for further hydration and to lock in the serum.

Bonus: Use products full of vitamins.

Just as you might take a supplement to boost the vitamins and minerals that you ideally get from your diet, beauty products can provide a useful nutritional top-up for your skin.  Ones to look out for include vitamin C for brightening and E for rejuvenating skin cells.  Try Candid Essentials Vitamin C Serum (AED70) made from 100 per cent naturally derived and organic products and consisting of 20 per cent pure vitamin C.


Draft in help

If you still feel in need of something more to solve your post party skin woes, book in for professional help. ESPA’s signature Optimal Profacial is designed to hydrate and revitalise, thus is ideal for counteracting late nights and over-indulgence, and is available at spas around the world, including the beachfront Nikki Beach Resort and Spa in Dubai.

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