Our Top 7 Christmas Gifts For The Earth Savvy Man

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Men will be the last to admit that they’re not as easy to buy for as women, but the truth is it can be notoriously difficult finding a gift for those that claim to have everything and want for nothing. To help you out we’ve compiled some heavyweight eco gifts that he likely doesn’t have but will definitely love 

This time of year can be highly wasteful – think unused gifts, synthetic materials for all those products that line shop shelves, and  wrapping paper which can’t even be recycled – so, what better time to give Christmas gifts that mean a lot and last a lifetime unless they’re biodegradable, of course!

We’ve selected a handful of items that have a minimal carbon footprint and will have that man in your life smiling from head to Christmas sock-clad toe when he opens them.

The Vegan Briefcase – Tokyo Bags – AED725

You may not believe it but animal leather is out of fashion. Conscious consumers are on the rise and it’s no wonder when you look at the hip vegan offerings stealing the runway limelight. Tokyo Bags, founded by Jun Peter Neo, a vegan since childhood, is at the forefront of stylish urban aesthetics crafting cruelty-free bags with superior quality vegan leather. Tokyo Bag’s minimalist-inspired briefcase carries and protects a laptop with a two-way top zip closure. It has dedicated compartments for smart phones and accessories and is available in both black and brown vegan leather. www.tokyobags.co 

Christmas gifts

Handcrafted Shades – Kraft Eyewear – AED450

Christmas gifts

South African brand Kraft Eyewear offer striking wooden framed sunglasses sourced from off cuts and re-purposed salvaged pieces. Unlike other wooden glasses, the frames are lovingly handcrafted, hand cut, hand sanded, hand treated, and hand put together by the craftsmen husband and wife, Rhett and Kerry. Every pair is fitted with Polaroid lenses for eye protection.  www.krafteyewear.com

The Gift of a Good Back – Humanscale’s QuickStand Eco – Price varies 

Christmas gifts

The ideal Christmas gift for the successful, hard working entrepreneur. This gift of perfect posture will ensure all those hours at the desk don’t lead to a bad back or joint pains. The QuickStand Eco is extremely user-friendly with expert engineering that allows users to transition between sitting and standing without interrupting their workflow. It is able to sit on nearly any desktop, and is the ideal choice for users who need a flexible work station. Of course, it’s built with the environment in mind, no Red List materials are used in the manufacturing process (chemicals that are harmful to humans) and fewer parts are used for a smaller environmental footprint. www.humanscale.com.

Conscience Clear Socks –  Osom Brand – AED59

Christmas gifts

What’s Christmas day to a man without a pair of socks? This year be different and opt for something that’s not only unique but helps save the planet. Osom Brand are making socks that are upcycled using 95 per cent clothing and textile waste They don’t use any water or dyes, instead they simply break down the original fabrics and repurpose them. They’re also manufactured in solar-powered Guatemalan factories that practice fair working conditions – 5 stars for eco credentials! www.osombrand.com

The Eco-Friendly Phone Case – Pela Case – AED135

Christmas gifts

These uber cool mobile cases are as good to the planet as they will look on his phone. Made from plant materials including starch-based compostable elastomer and Canadian flax fibres, the Pela Case cases are completely biodegradable – although only when composted, they won’t biodegrade in his pocket! $5 from this particular Limited Edition engraved case range will be donated to Save The Waves, a foundation that protects coastal ecosystems around the world. www.pelacase.com

Chemical Free Skincare: The Man Company – AED varies 

The Man Company prides itself on the use of only the most select, natural ingredients that promise to be free of chemicals, SLS and parabens that are harmful to both the skin and the environment. Ingredients are abundant in the collection but include chamomile, coffee, rose wood, argan oil, black pepper, aloe vera, bergamot, ginger, lime, tea tree, thyme, almonds and mint! Take your pick

 The T-Shirt That Shows He Cares: Rapanui Clothing Polar Bear Tee 

Christmas gifts

Most of us saw the shocking viral video of the starving polar bear making the rounds on social media this month. If your man was touched, let him share the message that melting ice caps are just the tip of the iceberg by sporting this best-selling tee from Rapanui Clothing. Made from 100 per cent organic materials, it took almost 90 percent less carbon to make compared to the high street. Buying better T-shirts is a good start, but more needs to be done to prevent climate change. Let your man share the message by wearing this. www.rapanuiclothing.com

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