Beauty Sleep – 4 Tips To Snooze Your Way To Glowing Skin

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Tired of looking tired? Believe it or not,  a full eight hours of sleep a night could actually be the answer. Put dull, ageing skin to bed with these top tips for a glowing complexion says Ruby Deevoy

The idea of beauty sleep is far from a myth – getting that all-important 8 hours per night really does affect your hair, skin and overall health, not the mention your perceived attractiveness, trustworthiness and social appeal, as a new study published in the Royal Society Open Science Journal recently revealed.

From boosting your body’s natural collagen production to increasing blood flow, there’s so much good that some great quality shut-eye can do for your appearance and mental health.

Deep sleep (also known as delta sleep, slow wave sleep or, more recently, N3) is the time our bodies completely disengage from the environment. Its a time during which human growth hormone is released resulting in the essential cell repair required for glowing skin, glossy locks, reduced wrinkles and bright eyes as well as overall healing.

The amount and the quality of beauty sleep that we get each night is at the heart of all the things we strive to achieve through moisturisers, masks, intensive repair and deep hydration treatments, so when it comes to your beauty routine getting a good kip is the number one thing that should be on your mind.

By scheduling in a solid 7-8 hours sleep per night, you’ll find that…

Your products work better

As we get into a long, deep sleep, our bodies take the chance to do a bit of intensive repair work whilst all of our little cells aren’t so busy defending us from all the UV rays and free-radicals that we all encounter on a daily basis. During this time of intense internal activity, blood flow is boosted up to the surface of the skin which allows your products to be more readily absorbed and effective.

Wrinkles are reduced

One of the side effects of sleeping well is reduced wrinkles and a plumper, more youthful looking face, due to the fact that our bodies produce new collagen as we snooze away.

Studies have shown that only getting 5 hours sleep a night can mean twice as many fine lines than if you were managing to catch 7! If that isn’t enough of a good incentive to get an early night, I don’t know what is.

Fuller, healthier hair

Thanks to that amped up blood flow that occurs during deep sleep, you can expect your hair to thicken up and start looking a whole lot better if you make sure you get a good stretch of quality sleep every night. This is down to your scalp getting the stimulation it needs for optimal hair growth and balanced sebum production.

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Image: Amy Treasure on Unsplash

Now you know what a great night’s beauty sleep can do for your natural beauty routine, you’re probably wondering how to go about getting it! Here are our top tips for getting a really restful slumber:

Exercise Regularly 

For most us, the working day involves long period of sitting at a desk with little movement – other than to the coffee machine and back!

Starting the day with some light exercises and finishing by stretching before bed, can help you achieve restorative beauty sleep.

 Avoid Screens

We’re all guilty of being glued to one screen or another. During the day an overload of screen usage, from phones to laptops, can be unavoidable but try to limit your exposure as bedtime draws near.

The type of light that most screens emit is very disruptive to sleep cycles and this negative impact continues for a while after you’ve switched your device off. Make a plan to turn off your TV and phone an hour or two before you go to sleep and read a good book instead! You’ll find that your quality of sleep vastly improves.

Embrace Essential Oils

Certain essential oils such as lavender and chamomile are known for their sleep-inducing properties, so before you head to bed, perhaps switch on the aromatherapy diffuser or light an oil burner in your room (not forgetting to put it out before going to sleep!). Alternatively, give yourself an overnight hair treatment with your favourite natural oil and a few drops of a calming essential oil blend to breathe in as you drift off.

Create Inner Calm

For a sound and peaceful sleep, allow yourself some time each night for a bedtime routine that consists of a few things to get you feeling really calm and relaxed. Soaking in a hot bath surrounded by candlelight can work wonders, as can some quiet meditation and soothing herbal teas.

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